Bobby Jones Signature Wood Bottle Opener

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This is a limited edition, limited availability antique club with Bobby Jones Jr signature across the top of the club.  Bobby Jones is one of the top golfers in the history of the game, winning the Grand Slam in 1930 and number 7 all time in major tournament wins, even though his career was only 8 years due to health reasons.  We have been fortunate enough to find a few signature drivers and restore them and convert to gifts that are perfect for a golfer, golf historian, and beer drinker.  We do not always have these in stock so if we are out please contact to be notified when we find more.  

Note:  Each Bobby Jones wood bottle opener we have will be unique so colors will vary slightly, but they are all at a similar quality and restored level as the one shown.  

Shipping: All items ship USPS Priority or UPS Ground
Order Processing Time: 1 to 2 business days
Packaging: Optional - Can be gift boxed in gold box with <br> green shred fill, or ship in standard cardboard box.
Recycled and Made In: United States of America - Florida
Brand: Bobby Jones
Total: $34.95


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