Custom Art Sculpture - Golf and Basketball

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One of a kind art sculpture for the basketball and golf fanatic.  The body of this sculpture is shaped by welding vintage metal drivers (golf clubs) into the shape of a basketball, then painted to look like an basketball but from an artistic standpoint.  The basketball part of the sculpture is approx 12 inches in diameter.  Below the basketball is the shape of a hand with the basketball resting on one finger.  That hand is mounted to a wooden base that is 8 inches x 13 inches and rests on 4 golf balls.  The height of the sculpture is 25 inches.  The artist has signed the base and is a recognized artist that has created several unique works of art.  

This was a sculpture that was originally intended for the GOAT Michael Jordan but then the connection to his buyer was lost.  It is easy to envision this in the home of Steph Curry or Charles Barkley as they are famous basketball players that love golf.  Or Roy Williams, the retired UNC coach that now plays golf every day.  Maybe one of his many NBA star former players will purchase this as a retirement gift.  

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Recycled and Made In: USA - Florida
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